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cooperation offer!

If you are interested in cooperation with us, it is worth getting to know our offer. We provide an individual approach to the client and flexibility in order fulfillment.

    Natural fibers

    Bet on cotton. Every step you make is much more pleasant.

    Quality control

    The quality of our products is always at the highest level.

    Always on time

    We provide fast service.

    Order with us

    The minimum order is 50 pairs. There is no upper limit - sky is the limit.

    Design freedom

    We give you a convenient tool for designing socks. You can create any design in it.

    Our experience

    We have been sewing personalized socks for companies from all over Europe for over 25 years.


    Choose a Polish manufacture. We have been sewing socks since 1998.

    Online design

    Design your socks in a simple wizard - 100% online.

    Order Process - Step 1

    Quality control - check our socks!

    We ensure that the quality of our products is constant and always at the highest level.

    Check out our socks. Order a sample starter kit.

    Check out our previous implementation and cooperation.

    Order Process - Step 2


    We give you the world's first convenient tool for self-designing socks.
    You can create any design - and we will take care of the rest.

    Online Creator

    Try our handy sock design tool!

    Test version

    Design Zone

    Everything you need in one place!

    Project Analysis

    Check the quality and see for yourself!

    Order Process - Step 3

    Placing an order for production or prototype.

    Order Process - Step 4



    We summarize every detail of your project


    3-6 weeks order fulfillment time.


    Take advantage of our free delivery on every order.