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What kind of socks does the inPost team wear? inPost x Socks Factory

We do not change the word “Paczkomat”, because there is only one king. However, we changed the socks of the inPost team – we branded them, implementing one of the most interesting projects in terms of design in recent times. See what socks we sewed for the internal and external activities of the inPost brand. Check out what came out as part of our cooperation!

If we order something, we do it with inPost. When they order socks, they do it with us – or at least they did for their latest project, which we are very happy about. For inPost we sewed … number … pairs of socks. Check out how this project came out – perfectly fitting into the character of the brand and branded on point.

We send via “Paczkomat”, and with “inPost” – on the same wavelength. Especially in terms of design

The socks designed by the inPost team gathered almost the entire Socks Factory office in front of the screen. We all agreed that we would wear each of the designs. As the brand wrote on the label, these socks are simply OUT OF THE BOX. You will meet them in three variants – yellow with emoji-style symbols (referring to the brand hero of the brand), green with the presented process of packing and blue, symbolizing the entire path of the package. Despite the admiration for each of the projects, we will be honest. After stormy discussions, it finally turned out that yellow socks stole the most hearts for us – we go through each of these phases almost every day in our work.

Socks with the logo of the company that many love. It had to work

Socks for inPost simply had to be a hit. So we reached for a supply of our iconic, durable cotton and started intensive work. We have prepared three variants of sizes for each of the projects. And today, as we predicted, inPost socks are conquering the internet – they are now available in the brand’s recently opened online store. Hey inPost! Thank you for choosing Polish manufacture. Now you can boldly take the next steps on the road to global recognition – of course in our socks!

PS If you also want to design socks with the company’s logo, do not hesitate to write to us. As a manufacture and manufacturer of socks, we care about the quality finish of the detail in large-scale production. See what we can offer you!