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Meet the creator in which you can design your socks in the most convenient way!

We have it! After long months of trials, errors and bursts of euphoria, which after a while and irretrievably disappeared, we finally managed to launch the latest version of the sock creator. And finally there is 100% euphoria! So get to know the most modern and convenient online design tool – almost as comfortable as our socks 😉 But to the point! What benefits do we have for you?

The sock maker was very important to us. After all, this is where you prepare the design of socks for a gift, for sale or for advertising purposes. So we needed a very precise, yet intuitive and easy-to-use tool. And that’s why we focused on three key issues.

A step towards ordering comfort – the most modern sock creator (online!)

We took this step confidently, because in our socks, but above all in response to the specific needs of our clients. Therefore, already at the design stage, we knew that the wizard’s planned functions would be on point. Finally, we introduced the following solutions:

1. 3D – our sock configurator works in this model

You can turn the socks, and later – socks – even more convenient. Because already at the stage of online ordering, you know exactly what you are offering your own clients and clients. You look at the product from every angle and make sure that it meets all your expectations.

2. Order preview – just for a bit more certainty

Before accepting the order, you can look at it again and make sure that the project is in line with your expectations. If you find that a logo or claim is missing, or that the unicorn should be more blue, that’s okay – you can go back a step and make any changes. Yes, even a blue unicorn, although we all know that only white ones exist.

3. Easier and faster design for everyone

We realize that you may not have as much time to create as, for example, Picasso. And that’s why our socks configurator has been simplified to the maximum, and in addition embedded 100% in digital. You can design your own socks in just a few clicks. Use the pattern library or upload your own elements and arrange or edit them as you need. We immodestly say that Picasso might envy you such ease of creation, especially if design is not your forte.

This custom socks creator is our joint creation. Thank you!

Fast, simple and giving many design possibilities. It was important to our clients, so it has become even more important to us. Now the sock creator is officially live – we encourage you to try it out. Let your own creativity run wild!

PS We would like to thank all the people who sent us their comments and described each system need. Thanks to this, the sock configurator took its current form and became the first such tool in the world.

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