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Color Socks Day and World Down Syndrome Day

On March 21, we welcome spring – this year let’s do it in colorful mismatched socks. Why? To symbolically celebrate World Down Syndrome Day. Let’s take a step towards greater visibility of people with an extra chromosome – in our society. Let’s be inclusive!

World Down Syndrome Day makes visible the presence of those who live among us, but often remain socially invisible. We are talking about people with an additional, third chromosome in pair 21. On March 21, we celebrate their holiday, publicizing the need for visibility and respecting rights, and additionally, we symbolically put on colorful mismatched socks. Why? What does it mean?

Colorful socks on March 21 – why do we wear them? What do they symbolize?

Colorful mismatched socks have become a symbol of the holiday established at the beginning of the 21st century on the initiative of the European Down Syndrome Association and with the support of the United Nations. They are to emphasize the superficial mismatch of people with Down syndrome – in the genetic and social fields. In this way, we emphasize that people with an extra chromosome are full members of our society, but they are not always sufficiently visible in it. And that’s why colorful socks have become a symbol of their holiday. Seemingly mismatched, they still fit us perfectly.

Tolerance colors

Manifestation through a symbol or color is also important for other minorities and social actions. The rainbow of the LGBTQ+ community or the pink ribbon, closely related to breast cancer prevention and awareness, are now widely known and easy to decode symbols. No wonder that on March 21 we use another characteristic element. We, dealing with socks on a daily basis, are very happy to join the celebration of the World Down Syndrome Day, which is so important in the context of building a community and spreading tolerance. Therefore, we have an offer for all people associated with foundations, NGOs and broadly understood charity. What is it about?

We are happy to provide sock support. Write to us!

We try to contribute – or rather a sock – to all important initiatives. And that is why we will be happy to support your activities for people with Down syndrome. If you are planning any organized action related to wearing colorful socks that do not match – we are here! We will be happy to prepare a pool of socks for your initiative. If you are interested in the details of such support, write to us. We’d love to hear your story and show you what we can do. And as a sock manufacture, we feel that we will be the best to pass on such a symbolic gesture 🙂

And to all those who celebrate March 21st – thank you for being here! Your presence is very important to us. We hug you hard and wish you only colorful memories – complete or not!