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Żegluga Szczecińska ordered themed socks from us. See what!

Their element is water, ours – earth, because it is what we walk on in socks. However, we joined forces to create socks with a sailing motif. Being on the wave of creativity, the team of Żegluga Szczecińska prepared a perfect project, and we made it with the greatest care. See what effect we managed to work out together!

Żegluga Szczecińska constantly encourages people from all over Poland (and not only) to water activities. Organizing events, renting motorboats and parking spaces (among others, at the quays, boulevards and in the yacht port) are their standard activities, which you can use not only in the summer. The style of socks designed by the Żegluga Szczecińska team had to perfectly reflect their passion. Did it work? Find out – take a look below!

They went with this project. Check!
The red and blue colors perfectly matched the branding of Żegluga Szczecińska. And the image of a sailor at the helm additionally strengthened the whole message and made it very easy to read. Looking at these socks, you immediately know what the author had in mind 😉 What’s more, the date embroidered on the bottom makes this pair of socks always arouse sentiment related to one specific event, year. It is a useful souvenir that will easily appeal to the taste of the recipients. After all, after getting out of the water, socks almost always come in handy.

Their design and our execution. We made it!
The design was entirely designed by the Żegluga Szczecińska team. And then we stepped in and did what we know best. We sewed the socks presented in the wizard. We have prepared a total of … couple. Each of them is made of our characteristic, soft cotton with the OEKO-TEX certificate. And that’s why we believe that all recipients will wear their socks for years. Or at least until the next event of Żeglula Szczecińska in 2023, if they decide to give a sock gift again and design a new pair 😉

Personalized socks, meaning “thank you” said a little more creatively

Finally, let’s note one thing – socks with personalization as a gift for guests do not have to contain only the date of the ceremony or the names of the bride and groom. The more creative and unconventional the project, the better. For example, you can choose socks that reflect your hobbies, personalities, symbolically referring to what you associate with your loved ones. Another option? The image of a young couple presented in an abstract form. Favorite quote – about love or something else that is important to you. Rebus. Elements referring to the places you come from or where you want to live together. Or, like Martyna and Tomek – a simple design with drawn likenesses and elements referring to the decor on the day of the ceremony. This solution certainly helps to remember the nature of the event. There are a lot of ideas in general. mix it up!