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Socks conquer the dance floors, which is a creative thank you for wedding guests

Sweets, candles, magnets, photos of young people or tea in test tubes – we have all seen many forms of thanks to wedding guests. Each of us has our favourites. But not everyone was thanked in the form of socks. And these can make you smile even more than the deliciously twisted faces of plaster cupids. See why a pair of socks from a young couple will be a great gift for your guests!

Yes, we sew socks. But we wouldn’t recommend such a solution as a gift for wedding guests if we hadn’t tested it successfully ourselves first. And several times. And it so happens that even our CEO Tomek and his wife Martyna gave personalized socks to those invited to their ceremony. Seriously! See how cool it turned out.

Martyna and Tomek’s socks, or how we tested our idea in practice

We knew that the idea of ​​socks as a gift for guests had to work. After all, who would not like to get something useful, where an interesting print is a variety, but not an obstacle to wearing? That is why, on their wedding day, August 21, 2021, Martyna and Tomek decided to give all invited beige socks with a personalized print. On each of them there were their drawing likenesses and graphic elements referring to the atmosphere of the ceremony and the leitmotif. In fact, that day Tomek himself even put on socks designed by himself and his wife. And the guests? They were genuinely pleased. They were pleased with the ingenious, but at the same time useful gift. Some admitted that it was a much cooler option than another fridge magnet. And we believe them.

How was it with choosing the right sizes? Were different numerical variants needed?

Martyna and Tomek made the right assumption that colors have no gender and all guests will receive the same socks. As for the size – the matter was also very simple. Our socks do not have fixed sizes. Their size is constant, but within certain ranges. This means that a person wearing shoes in size 36 will receive the same socks as a person wearing 38 shoes on a daily basis. In the case of Martyna and Tomek, three compartments were enough to meet the needs of all guests. What’s more, socks could be discreetly exchanged under the table when the size was wrong.

Personalized socks, meaning “thank you” said a little more creatively

Finally, let’s note one thing – socks with personalization as a gift for guests do not have to contain only the date of the ceremony or the names of the bride and groom. The more creative and unconventional the project, the better. For example, you can choose socks that reflect your hobbies, personalities, symbolically referring to what you associate with your loved ones. Another option? The image of a young couple presented in an abstract form. Favorite quote – about love or something else that is important to you. Rebus. Elements referring to the places you come from or where you want to live together. Or, like Martyna and Tomek – a simple design with drawn likenesses and elements referring to the decor on the day of the ceremony. This solution certainly helps to remember the nature of the event. There are a lot of ideas in general. mix it up!