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SocksFactory In love with comfort and beauty since 1998!

SocksFactory has been operating on the Polish and foreign knitting market since 1998. Production takes place in two locations, in Zielonka and Grądy Woniecko. We pride ourselves not only on our commitment and innovative approach, but also in having the best equipment. Thanks to this, we are sure that our products are of the highest quality.

We have 95 production machines of Portuguese and Italian origin, which together produce 500,000 pairs of socks per month. We also have 10 Rosso sewing machines, Cortese and Technopea ironing machines, 2 screen printing carousels and other packaging equipment.

We create products for global brands. We produce socks for wholesalers, but also for companies that are used in marketing campaigns and promotions at events and fairs. We are sure that our socks are made of the best materials, because we are supplied directly by yarn producers.

SocksFactory socks have original designs, thanks to which they gain customer recognition and stand out from other brands. Our offer includes various types of socks: men's, women's, children's, sports and non-slip socks. The highest quality worsted yarns, polyamide and elastane are used for the production of socks. You are safe too, we use certified Oeko-Tex yarns.